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Terms and Conditions Expath Coaching


In these terms and conditions, the following definitions are applied:

  • 1. General Conditions: these terms and conditions, regardless of the form in which they are made known to the client.
  • 2. Contractor or service provider: Expath Coaching using these terms and conditions for the provision of services.
  • 3. Client: the client, person, company or institution providing the contract for the work performed by Expath Coaching and Expath Coaching who is negotiating the conclusion of a contract.
  • 4. Services: all services offered by the contractor to the client including coaching, counseling and other forms of counseling or advice, all in the broadest sense, as well as any other benefit of the principal activities performed by any kind, performed under a contract, including work not performed at the express request of the client.
  • 5. Client: a person who participates in an accompaniment, counseling or coaching program.

Article 1. General

These general conditions apply to the practice Expath Coaching, based in The Netherlands. Registered at the Chamber of Commerce (KvK) in the Netherlands under number 75418053

Article 2. Services

A coach is someone that applies his or her personal and professional experiences in coaching sessions with clients. This knowledge and experience can be applied to help people with mental and/ or physical health problems, chronic illnesses or disabilities. The goal of coaching to encourage self-empowerment increased well-being and better physical and mental health. Coaching consists of a number of verbal sessions in which different techniques are applied. Everything is always in consideration with the required demands and process of the client.

Article 3. Client

The person who participates in a counseling or coaching program.

Article 4. Privacy

4.1. Parties are required not to disclose any confidential information they obtained in the course of their agreement from each other or from another source. Information is always confidential.

4.2. Expath Coaching will not refer or disclose the content of the coaching or counseling sessions externally without the client’s consent.

4.3. In the following situations, it may be possible to deviate from the line mentioned above.

If the client is considered to be in danger, a danger of harming himself or a danger to his surroundings, Expath Coaching is then obliged to report this to the proper authorities. The coach will always discuss the concerns with the client before a report is filed to the authorities.

As part of the professional development of the coach, in the lines of intervision & supervision, cases might be discussed with other colleagues. These consultations will always take place in an anonymous form.

Article 5. Files and archiving

The law requires that a (limited) client file is kept. As a client, you have the right to read and inspect your own file.

Article 6. Third parties

Information to third parties will only be provided by Expath Coaching after written consent is signed by the client or if determined by law. The client will always get informed in case a third party requires personal information of the client from Expath Coaching.

Article 7. Intake

During the intake, information about Expath Coaching is provided and the expectations of the client are discussed. After reaching a mutual agreement, the coaching sessions can start. If for whatever reason it should be decided after the intake that the client does not want to follow up, then the agreement will be ended, no questions asked.

Article. 8 Number of sessions

8.1. Coaching or counseling trajectories are based on an average of 5 to 8 sessions. The number of sessions and length further dependents on the individual process of the client. The sessions can be paused (temporarily) at the request of the client and start again when the client wishes to. The agreement can always be suspended in consultation with the client. When it is needed and/or desired Expath Coaching will refer the client to another agency or therapist.

8.2. Evaluation

8.2.1. The progress of the sessions will be discussed regularly, to evaluate the progress of the client.

8.2.2. Furthermore, these evaluations will help the client and Expath Coaching to determine how many more sessions are needed.

Article 9. Liability

The coach/counselor at Expath Coaching tries to help the client as well as possible, but can never guarantee that the goals will be achieved by the client. Furthermore, the coach/counselor is not responsible for any health problems that arise during or after treatment.

Article 10. Foreclosure

10.1. If an appointment is canceled, no fee will be charged, if the client has canceled via phone or email (by calling (+31)06 15 43 53 47 or send an email to info@expathcoaching.nl), 24 hours in advance. When the appointment has not been canceled on time or there is a delay, the consultation will be charged for the full applicable amount.

10.2. Should unforeseen circumstances present themselves and the coach/ counselor at Expath Coaching is not able to make the call at the agreed time or place, the appointment will be postponed to another time. Expath Coaching will try to notify the client as soon as possible.

Article 11. Rates/ Fees

The rates are mentioned on the www.expathcoaching.nl website. However, should the fees change during a course of treatment, the client will be informed on time. The local Dutch tax (BTW) is added to the prices mentioned. The tax amount is 21% of the fee. This tax applies to services and products that are provided through commerce.

Article 12. Payment

12.1. Billing services will take place on the basis of the payment schedule included in the offer or contract. If no payment schedule has been agreed, invoicing is applicable after a service is provided.

12.2. The payment is desired within 14 days after the invoice date, (unless otherwise agreed). Payment will be made without deduction, compensation or suspension for any reason whatsoever.

12.3. If the client has not paid the amounts owed by the due date, he will automatically be in default, without further notice being required. In the event of payment, the principal contractor (Expath Virtual Coaching) is to cease or suspend all operations immediately, without having to be in any way liable for damages to the client.

12.4. In the event of payment default by the client, the client will also have to pay default interest on the outstanding receivables at the statutory rate.

12.5. In case of liquidation, bankruptcy or receivership of the client’s claims of the contractor, the client’s obligations to the contractor shall be immediately due and payable.

12.6. If more than the usual effort is required to implement the agreement, the contractor can start its work payment (or equivalent security) requirements.

12.7. If the contractor decides to collect a claim for non-payment of one or more unpaid bills by legal proceedings, the client is also obliged to pay all judicial and extrajudicial costs reasonably incurred. This will always include the costs of a collection agency, and the costs and fees of bailiffs and lawyers, even if they exceed the costs to be allocated in court.

Article 13. Professional Association and dispute

13.1. All agreements between the contractor and the client are regulated by Dutch law.

13.2. Disputes arising from agreements to which these conditions apply and which do not fall under the jurisdiction of a magistrate will be submitted to the competent court of the district in which the contractor is established.

Article 14. Location

14.1. Sessions are held online on platforms such as Zoom and Skype.

Article 15. Coaching and counseling methods

15.1. Online Coaching: Coaching via email, chat or video chat

15.2. Coaching via telephone, rates are for your own account

Article 16. Change of terms and conditions

The latest version of the terms and conditions applicable to Expath Coaching will be posted on the website www.expathcoaching.nl. However, should this change during a course of treatment, the current clients will be informed in a timely manner.

Article 17 Applicable Law

All disputes between the parties arising about a general offer, legal act or agreement are covered by the Dutch Law. Therefore these shall be brought before the competent court in The Hague, unless the law requires otherwise.

10 June 2020


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